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Five Ingredients to Maintain a Great Marriage
Many of us think having a great marriage is as rare as winning the winning lottery ticket. hoose to be a loving and lovable person in your marriage. Be someone YOU would want to marry yourself. Think about that, would you marry you? If not, then make the necessary changes to become that right person for yourself and your partner.

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How Lazy Parents Make Happier Kids and Stronger Marriages ~ The current high standards for parenting lead to low standards for marriage. The irony is that having a healthy marriage is one of the greatest gifts for your children and yourself.

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Anniversary Ideas
What do you do to celebrate your anniversary? Share your favorite ideas and gifts (and less than favorite ideas so we know what to avoid!) with us in our newest survey.

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Dealing With Difficult and/or Intrusive In-Laws
Our "in-laws" survey has been updated with your opinions. Check it out!

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